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Welcome to the Faculty of Management of Gdansk University and congratulations on your entrance examinations results

Welcome to the Faculty of Management of Gdansk University and congratulations on your entrance examinations results.

For several years now the Faculty has been attracting a steady flow of candidates (average candidate to place ratio is 6:1). Such popularity is the effect of high market demand for managers with solid economic background on the one hand, and excellent teaching and research competence of our academic staff on the other. The 6 semester programmes provide our students with the best possible skills and knowledge which make them ideal candidates for responsible positions in businesses and public institutions. Our courses are constantly evolving to remain on top of the latest developments. The students are offered increasing flexibility in building their programme to tailor the courses to their needs and interests, including opportunities of spending one or two semesters at a foreign university.

Our students are actively involved in a variety of activities, such as participating  in the meetings of the student bodies or sessions of student research groups. We pride ourselves on the achievements of our students, especially the growing number of scholarships for good and very good academic results. Our graduates and students include such high achievers as Aneta Kręglicka, World Miss 1989, now an accomplished entrepreneur, Maciej Grabowski, a yachting champion, and Paweł Kowalczuk, a basketball player.

I am convinced that you will make the best of your academic year 2015 / 2016 work hard earning your education and do not forget to have fun along the way.



Dean, University of Gdańsk,

Faculty of Management


Faculty of
University of Gdansk

ul. Armii Krajowej 101
81-824 Sopot

(+48-58) 55-09-000, internal:
001 - general
141 - social
123 - daily study
120 - extramural study


PeKaO S.A.IV O/Gdansk
35124012711111000014 925388

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